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What is PFA?


People for Animals is India's largest animal welfare organisation. We campaign all over India to end cruelty towards animals and their ruthless exploitation in commerce, sport, religion, science, tradition, entertainment and for food. We respect all life on earth and are a small part of India's growing environmental awareness. Since 1994, we have grown to now encompass over 1.5 million active members across India. Please take time to visit the National Home Page.

The Kollam Chapter

This Kollam Chapter was formed in December 2003 by a group of similar-minded teachers. At that time there were no organizations in this field. It was registered under the Indian Trusts Act on February 5th 2004, under the chairperson-ship of Smt Maneka Gandhi, MP. For a list of patrons and trustees, please see the members section.

We work via education, litigation, legislation and direct action to improve conditions for animals locally. Among our most important programmes is the Animal Birth Control (ABC) initiative, wherein street animals are sterilized, vaccinated and returned to their colonies to live out their lives harmlessly and healthily. Another way we seek to reduce the stray population is by encouraging people to adopt Indian dogs from the street or shelters instead of buying foreign pedigrees.

Routinely awareness campaigns in schools and in colleges are conducted, along with free veterinary camps in villages. During these veterinary camps, free medicine and feed is given out. We also distribute vaccines.

Additionally, we distribute information pamphlets in different localities.

PFA Kollam currently has a Mobile Animal Clinic, and is working on building an Animal Hospital. The cost of building and of land (already purchased) is covered by donations.

The Kollam Chapter was instrumental in forming a Kindness Club, to promote kindness and awareness among people.

All who wish to help promote Animal Rights and to educate our fellow humans about our Responsibilities towards Animals are welcome to become members. Please visit our Members Area.

Our Outstanding Members


Picture of Smt Maneka GandhiSmt Maneka Gandhi
Smt Maneka Gandhi is a Member of Parliment who has always worked for the betterment of our Human Civilization. She started People for Animals and made it a nation-wide association.


Picture of Sri Suresh GopiSri Suresh Gopi
Sri Suresh Gopi is a successful actor in the Malayalam film industry. He has acted in many films.

Dr. Shiranee Pereira is a well-known animal activist, and a trustee of PFA Chennai Chapter.

Advocate Rajeev Kunjukrishnan is a famous lawyer who is keenly interested in the activities of PFA.



Prof. C. K. Thankachy (Retd.)


S. Sajjay (Lecturer)


Dr. M. Jayakumari (Prof.)


Smt. Beena Sukumaran (Lecturer)

Smt. C. Rema (Lecturer)

Prof. A. Vasanthakumari (Retd. Prof.)

Mr. Manoj Narayanan (Lecturer)