Animal Rescue

PfA Kollam chapter does it's best to rescue animals that are abused or in trouble.

Rescue from 100km Away!

A while back, People for Animals Kollam Chapter President, Retired Professor C.K. Tankachy received a telephone call. The man on the other end was grieved, and helpless. A dog had fallen into an empty well in Kakkanad, Cochin (over 100 kilometers, and three districts away, from professor Tankachy), and couldn't get out.

The good-natured research scholar of Cochin University on the other end of the phone had done all he could. Finally, he searched online, and through this website, gave us a ring.

Professor Tankachy was in a rush, but she had to do something. Separated by an insurmountable distance, she had no way of going personally and tending to matters on the spot. Rather, she did the next best thing.

She called the Kakkanad Fire Force.

Animal Rescue and Relocation

Seven dogs were rescued from the premises of Mata Amritanandamayi Math. People for Animals Kollam chapter took the dogs to the Valaya Checkpost in our animal ambulance, and a vehicle from the India Project for Animals and Nature (IPAN) came and took them to the IPAN shelter. Our life member Priyankari (a die-hard animal lover) accompanied the dogs.

Stray dog rescue and adoption

A female stray dog was rescued from the roads, vaccinated, and adopted. All activities were done free of charge by PFA members.

Rescue of Dog

An abandoned aged pet dog was found entangled in the Iron fencing and it was late evening when we received the message. Two of our members, Anuraj and Rinu were able to rescue the animal successfully.

Titto the Kite

This is the story, told by our president Retd. Prof. C.K. Tankachy, of an injured Kite that she received, and has been taking care of for quite some time now.

It was on 22nd March, 2008 that Tittoo, my little Kite was brought to the office of PfA by two Engineering students. They found him lying on the ground unable to fly. They offered water, but he didn't respond. They thought that he might have gotten an electric shock.

We put him in one of our dog kennels. Gradually he began to eat food that we offered. As the kennel was too small for him, with is large wingspan, we had a large one made, with two cross bars for him to perch on.

We have tried to release him four or five times, but he couldn't fly, and was attacked by a mongoose once.

Injured Dog taken to Trivandrum

A stray dog that was injured in a road accident in front of Sarada Math was taken to Trivandrum by a PfA member. After treatment, this dog is recovering, staying with a family in Trivandrum.

Dog saved from Abandonment

A 12 year old German Shepherd was saved from abandonment, when PfA members were able to locate a good home after two months. Mr. Jose adopted the dog.

Puppy Rescue in Bharathidasan University

Two members of PfA Kollam, Aseer Manilal and Sujith, now doing research in Bharathidasan University rescued six puppies from the campus. The puppies' mother had died while giving birth.

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