Adoption Program

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Puppy 4 U

About fifteen puppies found happy owners in a Puppy 4 U adoption program

More Puppies

Shortly after our "Puppies for U" adoption day, we received news of a smaller litter of very beautiful, long-haired puppies: three female and one male. Professor Tankachy took them to her house, and called people on the puppy waiting list, and they took two! The remaining two, both female, have remained at Professor Tankachy's house, and have become good friends with the two adopted kittens that already live there.

Puppies for U

People for Animals held an adoption programme, successfully finding homes for eight of eleven puppies. For a full account, click on "read more".

Three Puppies Adopted

Three puppies which were rescued during the ABC camp held at Vallikavu were brought to Kollam. These puppies were later adopted by Mr. Rajapandian, Sree Rekha, and Geetha.

Three Puppies Adopted

Three female stray puppies were rescued from the premises of MA Math, Karunagappally. They were brought to Kollam in the PFA ambulance, and adoptions were made in nice haqppy homes for them.

Adoption Programme

PFA actively arranges for dogs and other animals to be adopted into loving, caring homes. The Indian "Naattupatti" or street dog is extremely intelligent, loving, and loyal. Adopting a street dog is not only an act of compassion - that dog will be your most faithful friend as long as it lives.

PFA vaccinated a litter of puppies born to a stray, and they were subsequently adopted by well-to-do families. A family in Chavara (near Panmana Ashramam) adopted another female stray dog which had been spayed.

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