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Foreign Donations now Accepted!

People For Animals Kollam Chapter has received clearance to accept donations from abroad. Donate to PfA Kollam!

Sanjayan, the Elephant

Sanjayan is a half-blind elephant belonging to the Shakthikulangara Devi Temple, in Aadinadu, Karunagappally. The Kollam chapter of People for Animals has been monitoring Sanjayan for the last four years, and has noted that the elephant is subject to mistreatment and neglect on many accounts.

Due to his half-blind condition and mistreatment, the elephant gets nervous whenever he is in public or crowded situations. Rather than help him get over this problem, he is given tranquilizer shots. Between 20/9/2008 and 20/9/2011, he received more than 10 tranquilizer shots. This will have a bad effect on his health.

Rescue from 100km Away!

A while back, People for Animals Kollam Chapter President, Retired Professor C.K. Tankachy received a telephone call. The man on the other end was grieved, and helpless. A dog had fallen into an empty well in Kakkanad, Cochin (over 100 kilometers, and three districts away, from professor Tankachy), and couldn't get out.

The good-natured research scholar of Cochin University on the other end of the phone had done all he could. Finally, he searched online, and through this website, gave us a ring.

Professor Tankachy was in a rush, but she had to do something. Separated by an insurmountable distance, she had no way of going personally and tending to matters on the spot. Rather, she did the next best thing.

She called the Kakkanad Fire Force.

ABC and ARV drives at Chavara Grama Panchayat

As per an MoU with the Chavara Grama Panchayat, People for Animals, Kollam Chapter has been conducting ABC (Animal Birth Control) and ARV (Anti Rabies Vaccine) programs for 200 dogs. The project was initiated on 6 December 2011, and successfully completed on 12 January 2012. The expenses were shared 50% by the Animal Welfare Board of India, and 50% by the Grama Panchayat, with the Kollam Chapter of the People for Animals voluntarily managing the logistics, arranging veterinary doctors and dog catchers, surgical materials, medicines, and the use of our Animal Ambulance.

Animal Rescue and Relocation

Seven dogs were rescued from the premises of Mata Amritanandamayi Math. People for Animals Kollam chapter took the dogs to the Valaya Checkpost in our animal ambulance, and a vehicle from the India Project for Animals and Nature (IPAN) came and took them to the IPAN shelter. Our life member Priyankari (a die-hard animal lover) accompanied the dogs.

Status of the Shelter

The PfA Shelter has been in slow but steady construction for a while now. Construction has been solely dependent on donations and contributions from various individuals, and in part by grants.

As it stands, the building is ready to be used; only external finishing is pending, and will be completed when funds are available.

The compound wall has been completed.

The well has been dug, and is supplying water reliably.

The kennels are underway. Due to a scarcity of available funds, money has been allocated to them from a yet-to-be delivered grant (awarded in principle, but pending budget allocation), and from the external finishing of the building.

ABC and ARV at Kollam city

With co-operation of the Kollam Corporation, People For Animals Kollam Chapter was able to hold a 4 day Animal Birth Control and Anti Rabies Vaccination camp in Kollam City. In all, 41 dogs (of which 22 were female) received sterilization and vaccination.

Stray dog rescue and adoption

A female stray dog was rescued from the roads, vaccinated, and adopted. All activities were done free of charge by PFA members.

Cat Sterilization Program Launched

As part of the ABC (Animal Birth Control) program, a cat sterilization program was launched in 2010. Sterilization was provided free of charge by People For Animals Kollam Chapter.

Dr Ajith performed the sterilizations.

Have a look at some of the photos below!

Puppy 4 U

About fifteen puppies found happy owners in a Puppy 4 U adoption program

Rescue of Dog

An abandoned aged pet dog was found entangled in the Iron fencing and it was late evening when we received the message. Two of our members, Anuraj and Rinu were able to rescue the animal successfully.

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