Rescue from 100km Away!

A while back, People for Animals Kollam Chapter President, Retired Professor C.K. Tankachy received a telephone call. The man on the other end was grieved, and helpless. A dog had fallen into an empty well in Kakkanad, Cochin (over 100 kilometers, and three districts away, from professor Tankachy), and couldn't get out.

The good-natured research scholar of Cochin University on the other end of the phone had done all he could. Finally, he searched online, and through this website, gave us a ring.

Professor Tankachy was in a rush, but she had to do something. Separated by an insurmountable distance, she had no way of going personally and tending to matters on the spot. Rather, she did the next best thing.

She called the Kakkanad Fire Force.

The Firemen there were not amused; they had previously rescued a cow from the same hole, and that too just a couple days back. Nevertheless, they went to the spot, and before the day was out, the dog had been rescued.

Thanks to the Kakkanad Fire Force, Professor Tankachy, and the unidentified caller, the dog has a new lease on life!