Sanjayan, the Elephant

Sanjayan is a half-blind elephant belonging to the Shakthikulangara Devi Temple, in Aadinadu, Karunagappally. The Kollam chapter of People for Animals has been monitoring Sanjayan for the last four years, and has noted that the elephant is subject to mistreatment and neglect on many accounts.

Due to his half-blind condition and mistreatment, the elephant gets nervous whenever he is in public or crowded situations. Rather than help him get over this problem, he is given tranquilizer shots. Between 20/9/2008 and 20/9/2011, he received more than 10 tranquilizer shots. This will have a bad effect on his health.

C.K. Thankachy, President of PfA Kollam on Doordarshan Malayalam

Retd. Prof. C.K. Thankachy, president of PfA Kollam Chapter, was invited to be on Doordarshan Malayalam channel during a phone-in program for one hour. She spoke on "Animal Welfare". This is the second time that Prof. Thankachy has been invited to be on Doordarshan. During the program, a number of people interacted with her from different parts of the country.

Wounded Elephant

Rudimentary treatment of wounds. Mahouts are not educated in proper hygene and dressing of wounds.

Spiked Bracelet

A spiked bracelet used to restrain elephants by biting into their flesh if they pull on it. Inhumane and Cruel.


The rush and crush at Gajamelas. Elephants are made to stand all day in the hot sun, usually without water.

Wounds from Spiked Bracelet

Wounds and scars on the legs of Elephants due to Inhumane and Cruel bracelets.

Wounded Elephant

Wounds provide an entry way for other illnesses.

Wounded Elephant

Wounds that do not get sufficient care can become infested with maggots.

Wounded Elephant

The Mahout and his wounded Charge.

Wounded Elephant

Wounded Elephants are still made to participate in GajaMelas.

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