Animal Birth Control (ABC)

The ABC program is a nation-wide endeavor to reduce the amount of stray dogs in a humane way. ABC was introduced to Kollam district in January 2006. A small house was provided to us in Panmana Ashramam to conduct surgeries and care for the dogs during post-operative convalescence. Spayed female dogs are given seven days of convalescence time, during which we feed them on bread and milk. So far 25 male and 8 female dogs have received sterilization.

Senslessly murdering stray dogs does not reduce their numbers. Dogs are very territorial, and each dog or pack of dogs controls an area, keeping other dogs away. When dogs are simply exterminated, other dogs drift into the now unguarded territory, and there are dog fights over the division of it. The cycle continues. No extermination program will ever work for this reason. If however, the dogs are sterilized, they will not re-produce, and they will guard their territories from other dogs until they die from old age. Regular vaccination will keep the area free from rabies, and the dogs will protect the area from other dogs. When they die, the new dogs should also be sterilized and vaccinated. Dog fights will be less, because the territory is already divided. In this way, the entire population of dogs will be reduced in a good, humane, balanced way.