Gaja Melas

A "Gajamela" is a festival involving decorated elephants in processions and displays. Kollam has possibly the largest number of these yearly all over India. The Constitution of India has a provision "Rules for the Maintenance of Captive Elephants 2003", but there is no active authority to enforce these rules. Elephants are typically made to walk long distances without proper food or water, and ill-trained mahouts beat the animals brutally. PFA has begun to monitor these festivals, and appeals to the authorities (including the President of the Tranvancore Devaswom Board, The Chief Wildlife Warden, Director of Animal Husbandry, Director & Secretary of the Animal Welfare Board of India) when malpractice is observed.

PFA previously launched a massive signature campaign, protesting against the cruelties suffered by captive elephants, and submitted it to the authorities. We repeatedly make pleas to the authorities, and try our best to ensure proper and just enforcement of the rules meant to protect animals.