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All things Bright and Beautiful,
All creatures Great and Small,
All things Wise and Wonderful,
The Lord God made them All.

Foreign Donations now Accepted!

People For Animals Kollam Chapter has received clearance to accept donations from abroad. Donate to PfA Kollam!

More Puppies

Shortly after our "Puppies for U" adoption day, we received news of a smaller litter of very beautiful, long-haired puppies: three female and one male. Professor Tankachy took them to her house, and called people on the puppy waiting list, and they took two! The remaining two, both female, have remained at Professor Tankachy's house, and have become good friends with the two adopted kittens that already live there.

Puppies for U

People for Animals held an adoption programme, successfully finding homes for eight of eleven puppies. For a full account, click on "read more".

Titto the Kite

This is the story, told by our president Retd. Prof. C.K. Tankachy, of an injured Kite that she received, and has been taking care of for quite some time now.

It was on 22nd March, 2008 that Tittoo, my little Kite was brought to the office of PfA by two Engineering students. They found him lying on the ground unable to fly. They offered water, but he didn't respond. They thought that he might have gotten an electric shock.

We put him in one of our dog kennels. Gradually he began to eat food that we offered. As the kennel was too small for him, with is large wingspan, we had a large one made, with two cross bars for him to perch on.

We have tried to release him four or five times, but he couldn't fly, and was attacked by a mongoose once.

Photos of PFA Kollam Shelter

The PFA Kollam Animal Shelter construction is under way. Already the shelter building has been built, the compound wall is finished, and a large well has been constructed. Current work in progress is the finishing and furnishing of the shelter building, to make it ready for use.

Mayyanad ABC Programme

People for Animals, Kollam Chapter had signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) to the effect that People for Animals would undertake to organize an ABC (Animal Birth Control) with the Mayyanad Panchayat. The goal of the program was to spay or neuter 200 stray dogs in Mayyanad Panchayat area, a humane way of controlling the dog populations.

On February 24th, 2010, an ABC programme was conducted by PFA at Mayyanad Panchayat. This programme completed half of the MoU. It was a great success.

The veterinary doctors who performed the surgeries were: Dr. Ajith Pillai, Dr, Sajjay Kumar, and Dr. Shivaprasad, all from the Animal Husbandry department.

The excellent and capable dog catchers were brought from IPAN (India Project for Animal and Nature).

Ente Achuvinu Snehathode

Prof. C.K. Thankachy

This book is written on the memory of the Author's pet dog, Achu. Written in Malayalam, and published by Rachana Books, Kollam, it was released by Mrs. Chitra Iyer (famous singer and animal lover), on 11-Aug-09. The author is still conversing with Achu, and the book is written in the form of letters to Achu.

Reading this book, the reader feels for animals, and understands the bond of love and duty that exists between Man and Nature. It also conveys a number of important messages to our future generations.

Excerpt from the English version (coming soon!):

Awareness Class in Meenakshy Vilasom Public School

An Awareness Class was conducted under the auspices of the Kindness Club, in the Meenaksy Vilasom Public School. Students up till the 9th class participated.

Professor Suseela Chellappan talked on "Being Kind to Stray Dogs."

Professor C.K. Thankachy talked on the rules for the maintenance of captive elephants.

They were received well by the students.

Notice to Kulasekharapuram Panchayat

PfA Kollam Chapter got reports that stray dogs were being killed in the Kulasekharapuram Panchayat, in Karunagappally. We immediately contacted the secretary of the Panchayat to stop the killing, and were able to ensure that the killings were stopped.

We further informed the secretary of the Animal Welfare Board of India. He sent a notice to the Chief Secretary, Govt. of Kerala, with copies to the Kollam District Collector, Kollam Superintendant of Police, and the Kollam Ombudsman. We also received a copy of this letter.

The Government in response sent orders to the Kollam Corporation and all panchayats to implement the Animal Birth Control program. PfA Kollam Chapter conducts ABC programmes in various panchayats.

Notice to hathannoor Panchayat

PfA Kollam Chapter got reports that stray dogs were being killed in the Chathannoor Police Station, Kollam District. The Circle Inspector (a fellow animal lover) contacted us, and also faxed a message to the Secretary of the Animal Welfare Board of India.

We followed up by sending notices to the Secretary of Chathannoor Panchayat, the Sub Inspector of Police in Chathannoor, and the secretary of AWBI.

In the end, the Circle Inspector informed us that the AWBI secretary has written to the Kerala Government to stop the killing and implement the ABC programme.

C.K. Thankachy, President of PfA Kollam on Doordarshan Malayalam

Retd. Prof. C.K. Thankachy, president of PfA Kollam Chapter, was invited to be on Doordarshan Malayalam channel during a phone-in program for one hour. She spoke on "Animal Welfare". This is the second time that Prof. Thankachy has been invited to be on Doordarshan. During the program, a number of people interacted with her from different parts of the country.

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