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Foreign Donations now Accepted!

People For Animals Kollam Chapter has received clearance to accept donations from abroad. Donate to PfA Kollam!

Injured Dog taken to Trivandrum

A stray dog that was injured in a road accident in front of Sarada Math was taken to Trivandrum by a PfA member. After treatment, this dog is recovering, staying with a family in Trivandrum.

Dog saved from Abandonment

A 12 year old German Shepherd was saved from abandonment, when PfA members were able to locate a good home after two months. Mr. Jose adopted the dog.

Three Puppies Adopted

Three puppies which were rescued during the ABC camp held at Vallikavu were brought to Kollam. These puppies were later adopted by Mr. Rajapandian, Sree Rekha, and Geetha.

ABC and ARV Programme in Vallikavu

PfA Kollam Chapter conducted an Animal Birth Control and Anti-Rabies Vaccination programme in Vallikavu, in November and December, 2008.

In all, 17 dogs were sterilised and vaccinated by Dr. Giggin, Dr. Santosh, and Dr. Sajay Kumar (All from Animal Husbandry Department). The dog's ears were notched to serve as identification for the local villagers and for PfA in the future. Post-operative care was also given to the animals, and they were released only after healing.

This program was funded entirely by PfA members.

Space for conducting the surgeries was provided by the Mata Amritanandamayi Math, in a vacant Tsunami Shelter in Shrayikkad Village. Thanks are due also to the volunteers from the Math who assisted with the program.

Puppy Rescue in Bharathidasan University

Two members of PfA Kollam, Aseer Manilal and Sujith, now doing research in Bharathidasan University rescued six puppies from the campus. The puppies' mother had died while giving birth.

Spreading Awareness

The young generation must be enlightened with the message of compassion and kindness to all living beings, in keeping with our great cultural heritage. Towards this end, PFA conducts awareness classes in educational institutions, giving talks and screening VCDs. PFA is planning to start student units in schools and colleges, with their co-operation.

Distribution of Pamphlets

When dogs are caught for the ABC program or vaccination, we distribute information pamphlets to the public in the area, spreading awareness on PFA and Animal Rights. These pamphlets ask people to spay their dogs, help animal welfare organizations, report animal abuse, etc. It also gives information on how to so these, as well as implores people to set captive birds free.

We also have pamphlets targeting children, giving tips towards a happier and kinder society, that are distributed in schools.

Dog Bites

If bitten by a dog, it is important to ascertain whether the dog is rabid or not. For this, try to catch the animal and keep it tied up. If the following signs are observed, it is probably rabid:

  • Frothy Saliva around Mouth
  • Strange, aggressive behavior
  • Hydrophobia - fear of water

If it is rabid, it will die within two weeks. Be sure to give it enough food and water, and keep other dogs and people away from it. If it doesn't die, give it a rabies vaccine and release it.

Treatment of the wound

About Rabies

Rabies is a disease caused by a virus which makes animals go mad. Rabies symptoms are: Frothy mouth, Apparent delirium, hydrophobia (fear of water), and strange behavior. Rabies is spread through body fluid contact; the virus is present in the saliva, tears, and other body fluids. Any animal with rabies will die within 10 to 14 days of infection.

A dog which has been vaccinated will not get rabies even if bitten by a rabid dog for the duration of the vaccine's validity. Standard rabies vaccines are good for a period of 1 year. The important thing is to avoid getting bitten by a rabid dog.

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act

1960, Act 59 Under Section II:


Beating, kicking, over-riding, torturing or causing any animal pain or suffering, by the owner or any other person (including Tangawallas and Cart Owners). Using any animal for work when it is wounded or unfit.
Failing to provide animals with sufficient food, drink, or shelter. Abandoning an animal when old or diseased, keeping it on a short leash and insufficient excercise (Including Pets and Pet Owners).
Mutilating an animal: Cutting the ears or tails, cutting the beaks of birds or clipping their wings and breaking legs for transportation.


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